1970 Maserati-powered Citroen SM – is it Wise to Meet your Heroes?

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Exclusive review of this sensational Maserati powered Citroen SM.

As a young boy, the Citroen SM was one of Kevin Haggarthy’s ultimate dream cars. In this video he drives the real thing to see if it matches up to the dream.

Introduced in 1970, this car was unique – not only for its exceptional design and aerodynamics, but as the first Citroen to be powered by a Maserati engine.

As well as inheriting unique Citroen features of the time such as hydraulic self-levelling suspension, it also introduced a number of ‘firsts’ in production car history.

They say you should never meet your heroes, but maybe the Citroen SM may well prove this maxim wrong…

Thanks to Ross Patterson for allowing us to review his car, find him at https://www.instagram.com/londoncitroen/

Thanks to Whittlebury Park for allowing us to use their venue, find them at https://www.whittlebury.com/

Video production by Zebra Digital – find them at


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